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Fire safety equals comfortable living

A fire can occur anywhere in the home, so proper fire safety is hugely important. How can you make sure that your home is fire-proof? Here WEBERBLOK® gives you some tips and expert advice to protect your home against fire. Find out all the things you can do to ensure optimal fire safety.


Fire doors for excellent fire safety

Fire doors in your home are one of the solutions offering maximum fire protection. The WEBERBLOK® range of security doors therefore includes the RF-30 fire doors. RF-30 stands for ‘résistance feu 30 minutes’, which means that these doors can withstand fire for 30 minutes, thanks to the fire-proof protection built into the door. For these fire doors fire safety is the main priority, but they are also burglar-proof thanks to the 10-point lock, security cylinder and mechanical lock case. RF-30 fire doors therefore offer excellent protection against fire and burglars.


Fire safety in your home: some indispensible tools

Fire doors at home are undoubtedly the wisest investment for protecting your home and your family against fire. However, there are many other tools you can use to improve fire safety at home. One example is a convenient fire-proof safe for storing your valuables or a fire-proof waste bin. You can also install a fire alarm or smoke detector to alert you as soon as fire or smoke is present. Another useful method is to divide your home into compartments using fire-proof walls, floors, doors and shutters. This prevents the fire from spreading, reduces smoke and protects the rest of your building when a fire occurs in one of the spaces. Of course it is also recommended to have a fire extinguisher in the house and a fire blanket near the cooker. And if you do sustain some minor burns, a first aid kit with cold packs and burn gel will provide some welcome first-line care. Integrate fire safety in your house with these tools, so that you can enjoy your home and feel safe.


Ensure fire safety in every space

A home usually has a kitchen, living room, bedroom, … And fire can occur in every space unfortunately, so you should beware of the following high-risk situations. We start with the kitchen, as this is the area where the risk of fire is the highest. Never leave your kitchen unattended when you are cooking. Also never throw a wet towel over your deep fat fryer and only put away your iron when it has cooled down completely. Also remember to clean your extractor fan, as flammable fats tend to accumulate there. In the living room you should ensure to place a screen in front of your fireplace to prevent sparks from setting fire to your rug or carpet. Always extinguish candles when you leave the room and have your chimney swept regularly. In the bathroom, make sure never to place any clothes or towels on to an electric heater. And in the garage or utility room you should provide sufficient ventilation near your heating system. Have your boiler maintained annually. Throughout the house, you should pay attention never to put any flammable materials such as curtains, rugs and chemicals near a heat source and you do not connect too many devices to one and the same power point. If you follow these tips to apply fire safety in the entire house, you will be one important step ahead of any ‘incendiary’ situations.


Avoid fire and remember fire safety

If you want to avoid fire at your home, WEBERBLOK® recommends you consider reliable fire doors and follow the practical tips we provided above. Be taking into account the building’s fire safety, you will enjoy spending time at home with more peace of mind. If you would like to receive more information about fire safety or fire doors, contact WEBERBLOK®.

fire safety security doors fire doors fire-proof

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fire safety security doors fire doors fire-proof