fire doors fire door security doors fire-rated doors
fire door security doors fire-rated doors fire doors
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Safety through fire doors

Protect you and your family against fire with WEBERBLOK® RF-30 fire doors. These interior doors are perfect for your apartment, bedroom or panic room to keep you safe in case of fire. Your RF-30 doors will also keep out any burglars. Find out what else these fire doors have to offer here.


You can trust RF-30 fire doors

RF-30 fire doors are security doors you can trust. ‘RF-30’ stands for ‘résistance feu 30 minutes’ and protects you against fire for 30 minutes. This fire door consists of a galvanised steel plate structure that is 1.5 mm thick and fire protected. The RF-30 fire doors do not only protect you against a possible fire in the home, they also protect you against burglars and intruders. The doors have a 10-point lock with 6 mobile lock points and 4 fixed hinge bolts. These fire doors also have a security cylinder that is protected by a safety rosette and every RF-30 door comes with a mechanical lock case as standard. If you are you looking for a door to protect you against fire and burglary, the RF-30 is the fire door you need.


User-friendly fire doors

The design of these fire security doors also takes into account ease of use. You can use the convenient peep hole with fisheye lens to see what is taking place on the other side of the door. The fire door also has fully adjustable hinges on ball bearings to ensure it can be opened and closed silently. The rubber seal around the door keeps any draught and noise out and a built-in adjustable weather strip (drop seal) that comes down as soon as the fire door closes. The RF-30 fire doors therefore also provide insulation and soundproofing.


Fire doors with a high-level finish

WEBERBLOK® offers various finish options to ensure that the fire door suits your interior beautifully. Door handles are available in brushed stainless steel, brass, bronze or polished chrome. The door frame for these security doors is always in powder coated steel, but special finishes are possible for the fire doors. Contact us to discuss all the possibilities.


Opt for fire doors for your home

Fire doors are only effective if they are placed correctly. WEBERBLOK® guarantees professional installation of RF-30 fire doors by certified fitters. Getting in touch with the right tradesmen is important if you want to put a fire door in your home. WEBERBLOK® is always happy to provide more information on fire doors.

fire doors security doors fire door fire-rated doors

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fire doors security doors fire door fire-rated doors